Spook Hill are a five-piece from Brisbane who’ve brought their blend of blues, rock & roll and funk to local and regional audiences since 2010, playing hundreds of east-coast gigs and building a solid following.

The band, which plays a coveted residency at West End’s iconic Boundary Hotel, features Adam Styles on vox, Mike Burns on lead guitar, Ben Axford on bass, Will McNelis on rhythm and slide guitar and Russell Sullivan on drums. 

Spook Hill released their debut EP, Nine Months In Paris, in 2012, and recently recorded a five-track demo of new songs. They’re headed back to the studio soon to record their upcoming album.

In conjunction with Urban Humm Studios, Spook Hill hosts and plays at Jezstock, a yearly fundraising festival in memory of their original singer, Jeremy ‘Toecutter’ Blue. Jezstock has featured many local legends such as HITS, The Dirty F Holes, Lords of Wong and Schoolfight.

Spook Hill will tour Australia in 2017 and North America in 2018. Watch for them at a pub near you and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.