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Formed in the dying years of the Labour government’s almost 20 years of control in Queensland, Spook Hill has seen high times and low, good days and bad, but every night they give 110%, and every morning they wake up still rockin’. Their song Still Pig City is a flash back to the days of the not-so-distant past, when Brisbane was run by the Police and the underground music scene thrived. It’s this heritage that has been the backbone of Spook Hill’s combination of blues and dirty rock.

Their debut EP, 9 Months in Paris [2012], was recorded and produced at bass player, Ben Axford’s place. The sounds were mixed by Ben and Spook Hill drummer, Russell “Rus” Sullivan; showing their varied talents for music. Mike Burns handles lead guitar duties on stage and on the EP. He takes the music to a whole new place by pulling on his influences and originality. The bluesy sound is rounded off nicely by the deep gravely vocal stylings of Jeremy “Toecutter” Blue. Standing tall amongst men, Jez’s stature and musical talent intimidates the even best singer/guitarists.

You could call them a blues band but then again they aren’t. Spook Hill draws from a lot of different styles and pride themselves on knowing what good music is. They love to play live and get the hairs on the back of their necks to stand up and dance, as well as the punters.

Some praise for Spook Hill:

“(Spook Hill) guys rock” – Fred Nonnan, Six Ft Hick & the Fred Band

“(Spook Hill) rule” – Tamara Dawn, Hits

“I like this band” – Donnie “Blind Dog” Burke, Natural Ball

More press reviews can be found here – https://www.reverbnation.com/1107959/press

In 25 words or less…

Hairy. Bluesy. Rock n’ Roll.


  • Jez ‘Toecutter’ Blue
  • Ben Axford
  • Mike Burns
  • Rus Sullivan


Contact: bookings@spook-hill.com

Website: www.spook-hill.com

Mobile: 0419 444 548

Press Kit: presskit.spook-hill.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpookHill


9 Months in Paris

Released: Nov 2012

  1. Cracks
  2. Bumpkin
  3. Last Thing
  4. Pig City
  5. Struck By Lightning


More @ spook-hill.com/music


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Backline Requirements

  • Vocal Microphones x2
  • Guitar Amps x2
  • Bass Amps x1
  • Drum Kit